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By placing special electodes either on the ear lobes or the head band across
the frontal bone of the head, the acuscope instrument, when set at appropriate frequencies, will induce a relaxed concentration in 20 to 30 minutes.

This procedure as known as electro-sleep has been applied successfully by medical specialists ranging from dentists to psychiatrists.

This procedure is recommended to reduce mental fatique, enhance autonomic stability, improve concentration and as a general procedure to prepare the patient for treatment including surgery.

This procedure can also be helpful with hyperactive children, depression, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, migraines, visual distrubances, stimulation of the immune system and head trauma.

Other research investigations demonstrate the promise of Cranial Electrical Stimulation in other lifestyle stress-related areas as obesity, weight gain, addiction, compulsion, alcohol, cigrattes and drug detoxification, mood and food disorders.

Unlike drug therapy, there is no dependency, adverse side effects and benefits are sustained for progressively longer periods of time permitting increased conditioning to behavior modification methods.

The electro-sleep phenonomen occurs when a relaxed state is induced by the transcranial application of low intensity current such as is produced by the acuscope.

Actually the word electro-sleep is misleading in that patients are not forced into sleep; but rather guided into a relaxed, conscious state.

More on Brainwaves
Brainwaves, as they are received by an electrode on the surface of the scalp, are the sum of electro-chemical language passing through a very large group of nerves situated below the electrode.

Brainwaves have been categorized into four basic levels on the basis of frequency:
Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta.

The Beta Spectrum
(14 to 30 Hz.) represents relatively unsynchronized activity.
This activity appears to be chaotic. It is associated with normal, outward awareness, for example; taking in, evaluation and filing away various forms of information received through the senses.

It is usually the state when an individual experiences anger, hunger, anxiety, tension and surprise.

The Delta Spectrum
(0.1 to 3.5 Hz
.) is opposite to the Beta spectrum and would be the result of high synchronization. Its slow rate of change is associated with relatively unconscious states such as deep dreamless sleep.

The Alpha Spectrum
(7.5 to 14 Hz.) is usually produced as rhythms of steady frequency and amplitude. It is associated primarily with pleasant inward awareness, a non-drowsy but relaxed state and a tranquil state of mind.

Outside stimulation usually interrupts this alpha rhythm.

The Theta Spectrum
(3.5 to 7.5) level is associated with an access to unconscious material, drowsiness, fantasy, imagery, dreaming recall, problem solving, inspiration and creativity.

Advanced students of Yoga, Zen and other forms of meditation or inner awareness display an ability to produce enhanced states such as Alpha and Theta activity.

It is the Alpha and Theta areas that are increased with the use of the Acuscope.
In most cases, after 10 to 30 minutes of treatment, the patient will enter the Theta state. There are a great many benefits to anyone that uses the Acuscope for this purpose.

One 10 to 30 minute treatment with the Acuscope can replace many hours of rest.
It is common for people to need much less sleep per night. Even if you wanted to continue getting as much sleep per night as before, patients report that the quality of sleep improves.

Many people find that during the day when they feel stressed, they simply take a
10 to 30 minute electro sleep break which stimulates a long nap.

Cranial Electrical Stimulation has shown positive results for many kinds of ailments and disorders, including the pain and symptoms associated with the following conditions:

Relieves pain  

Achieve most restful deep sleep and improves sleep disorders 

Balance mood control 

IQ gains 

Increases attention focus and memory 

Helps with learning disorders (attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity) 

TMJ dysfunction 

Relieves anxiety and tension 

Panic disorders 

Stressed induced asthma 

Stressed induced hives 

Gastrointestinal disorders, ulcers 

As a treatment for acidity 

Migraine headaches 

During drug withdrawal (street drugs, nicotine, prescription drugs) 

Chronic fatigue syndrome including fybromyalgia 

Pre-menstrual syndrome 

Alcohol rehabilitation 

Prior or after surgery to relieve pain, swelling and tissue and muscle trauma 

Helpful in creative work 

Helpful in preparing for examinations 

Helpful as an accelerated learning tool to memorize blocks of material 

Aid to reach peak performance for the athlete readying for competition

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