The Truth about
Common Cardiovascular Medications

Presented by Alan Simon, R Ph
Many commonly prescribed pharmaceutical agents interact with nutrients. They may deplete a particular nutrient, as with the depletion of Coenzyme Q10 by HMG CoA Reductase Inhibitors, or their adverse effects may be mitigated by the use of nutritional supplements.

Other nutrients need to be avoided in combination with certain drugs to avoid adverse effects, interference with, or undesired amplification of the drug's effect.

Keeping up-to-date on drug-nutrient interactions can be challenging even for the most conscientious healthcare practitioner.

In this lecture, Alan Simon, a registered pharmacist, discusses the most common nutrient interactions and depletions with commonly prescribed cardiovascular drugs.

The extensive background, qualifications and education that Dr. Hardy has undergone, as both a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) and Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition (DACBN) Dr. Hardy can assist you in this area
of health care.

Cardiovascular Medications - Drug Induced Nutrient Depletions
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